FINN Sp. z o.o. has been on the software and IT service market since 2002.

Our software major distributor is LTC Sp. z o.o.

We offer our services to business customers who seek for comprehensive IT solutions.

We provide consultative and integration services.

Our ITC consultancy ensures tools and IT concepts tailored to the size and style of every customer, based on advanced solutions of the best producers.

We adapt our consultative and engineering services so that they match the actual business needs.

We both help and objectively advise our customers on choosing and implementing proper tools and IT solutions.

We are developing software for CinemeVision products.

Software engineering

Within requirements management:

  • we offer definition of requirements and requirements management, we ensure accountability of changes and corelation;
  • we introduce techniques of requirements management, definition of requirements and requirements engineering, which is the principle of success in IT projects;
  • we eliminate unoptimal definition of requirements and requirements management, we cut down in costs and time-consuming projects;
  • owning to the effective considering business in all its bearings, we diminish failure probability;
  • we assist our customers with using the proven procedures and software in definition of requirements and requirements management.

The solutions we offer bring the measurable savings by:

  • reducing the number of mistakes and corrections and hastening the product introduction;
  • increasing the productivity of work by facilitated and better controlled information exchange among all the stakeholders;
  • proving the conformity of rules and standards owning to the full transparency of requirements and their origin.

Within the change, configuration and software release management:

  • we improve execution of software projects;
  • we supervise projects in all their stages.

Change, configuration and software release management solutions, recommended by us, support:

  • quality and high productivity of work;
  • effective cooperation within the scattered sets;
  • automation of software build processes;
  • high quality software provided fast owning to the transparent projects organization;
  • possibility of tracking various sides of the software project in its all stages.

We introduce the advanced mechanisms of version control, working-environment management and support for the simultaneously conducted programming works.

Our customers can follow the discovery of defects and changes, automation of processes, reporting and all stages of software project.

Network infrastructure

Our services include:

  • Installation and configuration of network devices
  • Solutions that guarantee protection for external and internal network
  • Building and designing LAN / WAN / VPN / WLAN solutions
  • Indroducing system of servers and monitoring of services

Data processing centers

We design from scratch modern and scalable data centers and effectively update those already existing (of course with no need of restraining important services).

We help to optimize the investments and to reduce costs of data centers exploitation.

We also provide our customers with numerous additional services, i.a. connected with the current administration and modification of advanced configurations.

Safety and data security

We define and implement security policy and conduct complete audits of IT systems security.

We have a long-term experience in designing and managing IT systems in the highest security environments. Our deep specialist skills and knowledge was confirmed in plenty of projects. Amongst our suppliers of the security environments solutions and data security there are: Juniper, Cisco, SafeNet, RSA.


  • Nowadays almost every company relies on IT systems in its activity. In the Internet era, when electronic data processing is ubiquitous, optimal safety and data security is more and more demanding and complex task.
  • Losing confidential and copyrighted data or revealing secret information may be disastrous. Data theft and losing important information not only leads to a stoppage but also to bankruptcy.